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About Práctica PyME

Práctica PyME, is the consultancy firm that offers you professional and practical solutions to help you start, strengthen and grow your business. 

We understand that changes in the local and global environment bring great challenges for SMEs, which today more than ever need the support of experts with quick tools and methodologies that provide the fulfillment of their results in a sustainable and scalable way.

Our Services

Practica PyME, in cooperation with a committed team of consultants, develops new solutions that adapt to the needs of Entrepreneurs, Small and Medium Enterprises; helping them find the best alternatives to achieve healthy growth.




Case analysis methodology and specific learning applicable in your company




Working with your team we redesign key processes to improve your results



Interactive methods idea generation, discussion and selection of operable ideas

Our products

We combine the experience of our team of consultants with lean methodologies with high impact in your company





Integrate, discuss, participate and discover how you can generate business ideas that mark the way.




Take advantage of the capabilities and resources of your actual company to create new businesses


Senior Entrepreneurship


If you are 50 years old and wish to start business, we have the methodology that will help you to do it successfully


Family Succession of SME.


Create the ideal conditions for your Family Business to successfully move on to the next generation.


Accelerate Your Company


Improve your processes and scale up exponentially the growth of your company.





Learn online and at your own pace, practical topics that will help you improve your results


Franchise Your SME


If you have 2 or more locations, it is time to grow to 10 or more with a standardized model


Grow Along your Suppliers


Align your processes and grow with your suppliers in a sustainable and profitable way

Our team

We provide with passion, what we are proud to do: Share experiences, learnings and best practices with you that will help you to

Janitzio Piña


I am passionate about working with Entrepreneurs and Businessmen, supporting them in building profitable and scalable business models

Luz Aydeé González

Social Innovation Director

Bachelor´s degree in Economics and master´s in Urban Planning. I have 12 years of experience in the design of programs, projects and mechanisms channeled at supporting entrepreneurs and MSMEs in order to boost their productivity, profitability, growth, as well as job creation.

David Álvarez

Corporate Governance and Family Business Projects Director

For more than 40 years, it has been a great satisfaction for me to have the opportunity to teach, share experiences and continue learning. I am a university professor, business consultant and businesswoman.

Apolinar Basilio

Integral Projects Director

I am a professional in management and business development, I am passionate about working with small business owners with the only objective of strengthening their economic activity, favoring their growth, leading to improvements in their indicators of efficiency, profitability and family welfare. For the past 20 years I have been a consultant and facilitator. I am a professor at UNAM with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Marisol Gallardo

Founding Shareholder

Speaker, Consulting, Talent Management, Commercial Processes and supervision of multiple stores, Go to Market, B-Learning Training, Development Programs and Organizational Communication, Gamification, Creation and Implementation of a learning culture. Positive Leadership Management and Commercial Productivity Programs.

Jaime Nieto

Founding Shareholder USA

I am a Business Consultant at the National and International level and I am excited to see the result that companies obtain through the savings they achieve by running business better of resources and processes through the organizational values they have.

Violeta Dorantes

Founding Shareholder

I am a logistics operator, with 30 years of experience, I resolve the international movement of merchandise or supplies of my clients, both export and import, in the best conditions of time, cost and security. Committed to support the participation of national products in foreign markets, especially those produced by SMEs, a fundamental sector of the national economy.

José L. de la Vega

Founding Shareholder

I am a Family Business Consultant for ten years, specializing in issues of generational succession and professionalization through Corporate Governance. I am particularly excited about all the human aspect that the Family Protocol implies. I have worked with SMEs from many different sectors in Mexico. Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration, Senior Management Specialist; and in my spare time Actor and Theater Director.

Ana Amrein

Partner Spain

I am passionate about social innovation, social entrepreneurship and defender of people’s power to build the realities we seek. I have international experience in the transformation of social enterprises through technology. I have worked with organizations such as UNESCO and FUNDES International and I am currently a founding partner of Efecto Colibri, a platform for promoting social entrepreneurship. I have a master’s in International Affairs and Governance at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, I speak four languages and have lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.


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